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Annie Li (HDQM) 

Self-Teaching in Orthographic Learning among Learners of English as a Second Language


Adam Liter (LING)

Medial wh productions in child English: Grammar or performance?


Lunch talk double-header!

Mina Hirzel (LING) 

Young children’s elicited productions of modal words: children differentiate modal “flavors” and forces


Anouk Dieuleveut (LING)

Learning modals: Sig you guess what sig means?


Adam Fishbein (NACS)

Messages in the details: What do birds listen to in their songs?


Julianne Garbarino (HESP)

Um...let me explain: Social and task determinants of "um" and "uh" use in speakers with and without ASD

Abstract: I will present data addressing whether speakers with autism produce different disfluency patterns than speakers with neurotypical development.


Allie Johnson (HESP)

Production of the /t/-/k/ contrast in children with cochlear implants


Dawn Culpepper & KerryAnn O'Meara (CHSE)

Enhancing graduate student agency as interdisciplinary researchers: Key findings from internal evaluation


Liane Young (Psychology, Boston College)

How we think about friend vs foe


 Jay Van Bavel (Psychology, NYU)

The Partisan Brain: A value-based model of political belief


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