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Tone-evoked acoustic change complex (ACC) recorded in a sedated animal model


Elizabeth Johnson (Psychology, University of Toronto)

She says tah-may-to but he says tah-mah-to: how children cope with accent variation

Cache Transition Systems for Semantic Parsing

Abstract: We describe a transition system that generalizes standard transition-based dependency parsing techniques to generate a graph rather than a tree.  Our system includes a cache with fixed size m, and we characterize the relationship between the parameter m and the class of graphs that can be produced through the graph-theoretic concept of tree decomposition.  We train a sequence-to-sequence neural model based on this system to parse text into Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR).


Paulina Lyskawa (LING) & Bethany Dickerson (UMass)

Phonological representation in two laryngeal systems


Assisting Interpreters with Technical Terms

Abstract: To assist simultaneous interpreters with their work, one needs to find a balance between providing useful information and minimizing distraction. This talk will discuss a simple method for detecting and translating technical terms and a crowdsourced experiment to determine whether the method strikes the right balance for interpreter assistance--without actually using interpreters.


Lunch served by 12:15. 

Title: Transmodalities: Conceptualizing semiotic affordances in transnational communications

Amanda Alexander

Light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Jessica Wiking at jwiking@umd.edu.

Amanda Alexander, Interim Chancellor for DC Public Schools

TitleA family of neural models for voice query understanding on an entertainment platform

TitleImproving access to bilingual education in DC at the DC Language Immersion Project

Lunch served at 12:15. 


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