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Video Resources

Videos can be very fun and useful to when teaching others about language science. We've listed below a number of video resources that are can be used in the classroom or at other outreach activities. Note that these require an internet connection, so think about where you will use them!

Vocal cords of four singers
MRI scan of a beatboxer
MRI scan of an opera singer
Xhosa tongue twister
Thunk on Language
he McGurk Effect
he Ling Space (various linguistic topics)

Laura's List

Compiled by Laura Wagner at The Ohio State University, here is a comprehensive list of videos ranging in topic and length that can be used to supplement classroom material or present a new idea. We've included some highlights below. 

Language and Other Cognitive Systems: What is Special about Language
Genie: Deprived Child
Birth of a Language (Nicaraguan Sign Language)
How English Sounds to Non-English Speakers
Grice's Maxims 
Stephen Krashen on Second Language Education
Language and Learning

Ted Talks

How Languages Evolve (Alex Gendler)
What our Language Habits Reveal (Steven Pinker)
The Birth of a Word (Deb Roy)
The Linguistic Genius of Babies (Patricia Kuhl)
Txtng is killing language. JK!!! (John McWhorter)
What Makes a Word "Real" (Anne Curzan)
Accents - Where and Why? (Kathryn Campbell-Kibler)

More Ted Talks on language