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Proposal and Documents

This page contains reports, progress reviews and assessments of LSC's NRT Program. These are posted publicly as a resource for program participants and for others interested in preparing an NRT application, or in exploring new models of graduate training. A similar page of IGERT program documents contains extensive material on our previous NSF interdisciplinary training program (2008-2015). 

Proposal and reviews

NRT full proposal
NRT reviews
NRT "further questions" document (pre-award clarifications)

Research teams who are planning to submit an NRT proposal can use the reviews and further questions documents to gain a sense of the training elements that are emphasized in NSF's NRT program. Some of these emphases are different than in NSF's previous interdisciplinary training programs.

Internal Evaluation

Program goals and logic model

Third Year Report (February 2018)
  - Appendix B: Student Survey
  - Tables & Figures

Fourth Year Report (April 2019)

Fifth Year (Final) Report (April 2020)

Annual Reports to NSF



Core Faculty

Colin Phillips, LING
KerryAnn O'Meara, Higher Education
Maria Polinsky, LING
Rochelle Newman, HESP
Bill Idsardi, LING
Yi Ting Huang, HESP
Naomi Feldman, LING/UMIACS
Robert DeKeyser, SLA
Hal Daume III, CS