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Alejandro Lleras (Psychology, University of Illinois)

Parallel Peripheral Processing in Visual Search


Variation and learnability in constraints on wh-movement

The Comparison of L1 and L2 Case Processing: ERP Evidence from Turkish


Greg Hickok (Cognitive Sciences; University of California, Irvine)

Title: Neuro-architectural homologies for language in the human and non-human primate brain.


Join us to learn about the intersection of language science and social justice! We will be hosting a series of talks, followed by a discussion and lunch!

9am: Talks

  • John Baugh (Washington University): Language and Fair Housing
  • Susan Ehrlich (York University): Language and Gender
  • Aylin Caliskan (George Washington University): Language and AI

11am: Discussion

12:30pm: Lunch


Mattson Ogg (NACS/PSYC)

The Acoustic Factors That Influence Auditory Object And Event Recognition Over Time


Mini workshop follow up to the BBI conference "New Perspectives on Animal Models of Language and Cognition". 

1103 Bioscience Research Building

12 PM: Carel ten Cate (Professor of Animal Behavior, Institute of Biology, Leiden University)

The linguistic abilities of birds – on speech perception and grammar rule learning


Julia Kreutzer (Department of Computational Linguistics, Heidelberg U)

Improving Neural Machine Translation with Human Feedback

Double header! Lunch served at 12:15. 

Michelle Erskine (HESP)

Dialect mismatch influences language comprehension in young children


Phoebe Gaston & Hanna Muller (LING)

Replicability, effect sizes, & power


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