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Duane Watson (Psychological Sciences, Vanderbilt)

What Prosody can tell us about Language and Psychology


Michael Beran (Psychology, Georgia State University)

Chimpanzee Cognition: flexible, fallible, and fascinating


Linda Smith (Psychology, Indiana University)

Learning from the Infant’s Point of View


Diane Brentari (Linguistics, University of Chicago)

Limits and possibilities of modality on language: phonology through the lens of sign languages


Claire Cardie (Computer Science & Information Science, Cornell University)

Title and abstract TBA


Lunch talk double-header!

Sudha Rao (CS)

Teaching machines to ask useful clarification questions

Abstract TBA. 

Hanna Muller & Phoebe Gaston (LING)

Note the different location!

Lunch served at 12:15; please arrive early so you can be in your seat by 12:30. 


Meaning Through the Ages


This talk has been cancelled. 


Young children’s elicited productions of modal words: children differentiate modal “flavors” and forces


Machine Reading for Everyone

Abstract: Machine reading tools such as question answering systems have the potential to accelerate tasks that involve synthesizing information buried in vast text collections.

Recent advances in training deep neural networks have produced  high performing machine reading models.  However, the current success of deep learning hinges upon having large quantities of labeled data to robustly estimate model parameters. For many languages,  little to no labeled data is available for this.


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