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Title: Socioeconomic disparities in early language development: Predictors, consequences, and considerations for intervention

Lunch begins at 12:00, Intro/talk begins at 12:15. 

TItle: How to use context for phonetic learning and perception

** Note non-standard location! **

Title: Life at the edge of the lexicon: Productive knowledge and direct experience in language processing and acquisition

Title: Outputs as inputs: Sequential model of the products of infant “statistical learning” of language

Title: Event Semantics in Text Constructions, Vision, and Human-Robot Dialogue

Title: Listening with an aging brain

Title: A Language-based Approach to Content Instruction (LACI): Scaffolding for literacy

Abstract: Scaffolding is a challenging task in elementary classrooms. Drawing on a research study, the presenter describes how a first grade teacher utilized a language-based approach to content instruction (LACI) to provide scaffolding to support emergent to advanced bilinguals’ literacy learning. LACI is a teacher education model developed over the past 12 years in elementary and secondary classrooms in the United States.

Title: SCRIPTS: a System for Cross Language Information Processing,Translation and Summarization

Abstract: This presentation will give an overview of the research conducted by CLIP students and facuty to develop a System for Cross Language Information Processing, Translation and Summarization, as part of the IARPA MATERIAL program.


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