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Online Resources

This page features a variety of online resources for spreading the word about language science compiled with other language science outreach enthusiasts at UMass (Barbara Pearson), University of Arizona (Cecile McKee), Ohio State University (Laura Wagner), and the National Science Foundation (Joan Maling). Here you'll find various language maps, dialect resources, and other useful sites that can be used in the classroom or out in the community. We've included some literature about science education if you're interested in finding more tips and advice. 


Langscape is a geographical information system (GIS) which maps the locations of around 6,400 languages worldwide. The interactive map links to detailed information about each language, integrating information from many different data resources. This includes information about demographics, language families, sound systems, bibliographies and expertise, plus sound recordings and texts.

Ethnologue: The Languages of the World
Modern Language Association’s Map of Languages in the United States

Education Resources

Omniglot: Audio files of common phrases in many languages and examples of different writing scripts
Speech Accent Archive: contains audio files of different accents of English
Interactive IPA chart
TeachLing: Western Washington University's repository of lesson plans related to language and linguistics for use in K-12 classrooms


New York Times' English Dialect Quiz
International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA)
WVU Dialect Project
Pittsburgh & Speech Society
North Carolina Language & Life Project
ale Grammatical Diversity Project


To find video resources that could be used to supplement classroom instruction, present new topics, or just expand current linguistic knowledge, visit our Video Resources page.

More Resources

Below is a list of language-related blogs, videos, books, and other educational resources compiled by Barbara Pearson at UMass. For even more online resources, check out the whole list here

Language Hat
Language Log
The Language of Food
Science Daily: Language Acqusition News
Canadian Language Museum
Words of the Year
orth American Computational Linguistics Olympiad

Outreach in the News

Language Science at the AAAS Family Science Days Festival
Maryland Day 2015
Future Language Scientists Compete in High School Olympiad
Outreach Roadshow Hits Portland
Outreach: Language Science for Everyone


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Guide to Building Partnerships between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers