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LSC Space and Resources

In January 2017, the Language Science Center moved to new quarters renovated for us as part of an $18 million renovation of the HJ Patterson building. HJ Patterson now serves as the university's "global hub". LSC has around 4000 sq. ft. of space for research, events, and meetings, and LSC staff, plus state-of-the-art resources for teaching and collaboration with partners around the world.

We’re very happy to offer various rooms in LSC as shared space for our community. We have rooms which can be reserved for meetings, talks, research studies, defenses, poster sessions, and other events, as well as some office space for visiting scholars.

You can request to reserve a room using this LSC Space Request Form. The fee for renting the space for paid events is $125/day, and includes the use of LSC space resources and kitchen. 

While we welcome use of the space, we hold users responsible for keeping it clean and accessible for everyone. Many different groups are using the space, and our prominent location means that it is on show at all times. 

Rooms and Capacity

Room Capacity (approx.) Technology available
HJP 2123 25 Monitor (HDMI & USB inputs); bring your own laptop. [Instructions for hybrid events in 2123]
HJP 2124 (The Garage) 25 Projector, PC (UMD login) plus HDMI and USB inputs for laptops; document camera; built-in cameras and mics for video conferencing. [Instructions for hybrid events in 2124]
HJP 2124 plus hub 80 As above; PA speaker and portable microphone 
HJP 2130F 9 Monitor (HDMI & USB inputs) and webcam; bring your own laptop
HJP 2130A-C 6 None; 2130A has 2 active ethernet ports. Rooms are ideal offices for long-term projects, as well as testing rooms for ongoing affiliated research projects. 

Space Resources

Space Open Hours and Access

The main doors to the LSC are open 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. LSC affiliated faculty, staff, and students may obtain swipe access to make use of the space before and after hours and on weekends by completing the LSC Swipe Access Request Form.

Swipe access will also allow you to access the shared kitchen and workroom if needed for an event. If you plan to have an event in the LSC that requires access outside of regular business hours, please contact our staff about setting extended open hours and/or obtaining swipe access.


Rendering of the atrium cafe and meeting space in the new HJ Patterson building.

Rendering of the future Purple Line station, across the street from HJ Patterson building (on right).

Beyond the Center’s space, there are various other research facilities which are available to members of the language science community on campus, as well as the facilities of individual departments.