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New students are admitted to PULSAR every semester. Applications for Spring 2022 are due by Friday December 10th, 2021. You can apply online. If you have questions about the program please email the PULSAR Director at pulsar@umd.edu.

Program Requirements

PULSAR is intended to be a 4 semester program which leads to a transcript notation. While the program is intended primarily for students who can participate in the full program, students who have fewer than 4 semesters remaining at UMD may apply to participate without receiving a transcript notation. Students who are visiting UMD as part of an exchange program can participate for a shorter time frame as part of the LSC Visiting Fellows Program. Please contact the PULSAR director about these options at pulsar@umd.edu.

To complete the full program, students are expected to:

  • Commit to PULSAR for 4 semesters. Applications can be made anytime between the fall of your first year and the spring of your second year. If accepted, the program activities will begin the following semester.
  • Take a total of 15 credits of language science related coursework (generally, 1 prerequisite course and 12 additional credits); this coursework is in addition to research credits and the seminar. With the exception of the prerequisite course, these credits must be outside of your primary major, but can be part of a minor or second major; this expectation is intended to provide interdisciplinary breadth in your language science education.
  • Serve as a research assistant or a language-science-related intern for a minimum of 2 semesters (generally 6-10 hours/week), or pursue an honors project; these activities can be either within your major or outside of it.
  • Participate in at least one outreach activity per year.
  • Attend a 1-credit weekly seminar series all 4 semesters, and speak at that series to your peers about your work. (If you have an unavoidable conflict with the seminar time during one or more semesters, we may be able to find an alternate solution.)
  • Present your research or internship outcomes in multiple venues, e.g., Undergraduate Research Day.

Please note that exceptions to these expectations may be granted in individual cases when necessary.

Application process

Applications for PULSAR can be completed online. (A link to the application form will be available on this page during the application period each semester.) The application involves addressing a series of questions regarding your goals and interests, how you see yourself participating in the language science community, and your plans for involvement in outreach and research, clinical or policy experiences. To accompany your application we will also need a copy of your unofficial transcript and a letter of recommendation from somebody who knows you well, preferably a faculty member.

To be selected as a PULSAR scholar, students should have:

  • GPA minimum of 3.3 with at least 12 credits completed at UMD
    • first semester freshmen or transfer students may apply, but acceptance will be conditional on first semester grades
  • Some form of background knowledge or experience in Language Science. This can consist of either:
    • successful completion of one of the prerequisite courses, either prior to or simultaneously with an application, or
    • some other direct prior experience in language science (such as research participation, educational or clinical experiences in the domain of language, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact the PULSAR Director at PULSAR@umd.edu.