The Maryland Language Science Center brings together the largest and most integrated community of language scientists in North America.

Students and faculty have access to world-class resources for computational, cognitive, neuroscientific, clinical, and educational research on language. The university’s setting in the Washington DC metropolitan area provides enviable access to national organizations, leading research centers, and a melting pot of language diversity. Read on to learn more about Language at Maryland, the Maryland Language Science Center, and the outstanding opportunities for students and faculty to developing ambitious interdisciplinary expertise through cross-department programs.



Interdisciplinary Language Science for Undergraduates: PULSAR

Maryland’s vibrant interdisciplinary language science community has mostly benefited faculty and grad students, with limited impact on undergraduate programming. Until now. The new PULSAR program, which is accepting applications now, seeks to spread the language science action to the ... [read more]

Tess Wood appointed as Assistant Director of the Maryland Language Science Center

Tess Wood has joined the Language Science Center as Assistant Director.  She will play a central role in all aspects of LSC’s activities, including research and grants development, establishing new programs, and external relations. Tess has expertise in diverse areas of language science. She ... [read more]