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Student Leadership

Student leadership of language science activities is a key element of our training program, and has many benefits:

  • It ensures that the focus of our programs is closely aligned with student interests;
  • It helps keep activities and events 'fresh' with new ideas and talent;
  • Students develop skills in leadership, interdisciplinary communication, and in creating research networks;
  • Students build and strengthen connections with peers and faculty in different research areas.


Student Committees 2016-2017



Research Skills & Collaboration

The goal of the Research Committee is to provide useful research training not offered in the conventional graduate training of individual departments, as well as to foster a community environment of rich interdisciplinary collaboration, generating increased opportunities for interdisciplinary discussion and project development.

Chair: Allyson Ettinger (LING)

Anton Malko (LING)
Bradford Salen (SLA)
Zoe Ovans (NACS/HESP)
Rodrigo Ranero (LING)
Phoebe Gaston (LING)
Anisha Singh (HDQM)

Professional Development & Communication

The Professional Development Committee aims to support language science students in designing and achieving their career goals and developing "soft" skills. The committee organizes events and resources to promote communication skills, collaboration, and career planning, including the weekly Language Science Lunch Talks.

Chairs: Rachel Adler (HESP, NACS), Nick Huang (LING)

Aaron Doliana (LING)
Michelle Erskine (HESP)
Adam Fishbein (NACS)
Sunhee Kim (SLA)


The goal of the outreach committee is to inform the public--from high school students to government policymakers--about what language science is and why it’s important. To this end, the committee organizes campus visits from nearby high schools, participates in STEM career fairs, and staffs a language science booth at Maryland Day, among other activities.

Chairs: Kasia Hitczenko (LING), Laurel Perkins (LING)

Lara Ehrenhofer (LING)
Becky Goodridge (PULSAR)
Jeff Green (LING)
Mina Hirzel (LING)
Tyler Knowlton (LING)
Paulina Lyskawa (LING)
Anton Malko (LING)
John Mathena (PULSAR)

Faculty advisor: Jeff Lidz (LING)