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Language Science Lunch Talks

Food and ideas bring people together. Our weekly lunch talk series provides students and faculty with the opportunity to present their in-progress work to a supportive, interdisciplinary audience.

Talks take place at the Language Science Center in 2130 H.J. Patterson. Updates for fall 2021: You can also access talks remotely at https://go.umd.edu/lslt-zoom. We're not currently providing lunch. We'll adjust as needed with the changing conditions over the course of the semester.

We've put together some guidelines for students preparing talks. 


Fall 2021

Date    Speaker
9/9   K-12 outreach team
9/16   TBA
9/23   Xinchi Yu (NACS)
9/30   Rachel Romeo (faculty, HDQM)
10/7   Craig Thorburn (LING)
10/14   Arynn Byrd (HESP)
10/21   Meg Cychosz (postdoc, HESP)
10/28   Yu'an Yang (LING)
11/4   Charlotte Vaughn (faculty, LSC)
11/11   Lauren Salig (NACS)
11/18   Adam Liter (LING)
12/2   Erika Exton (HESP)
12/9   Zach Maher (NACS)
12/16   Tal Ness (postdoc, HESP)

















Spring 2020

Date    Speaker
2/6   Zara Harmon (LING/UMIACS)
2/20   Aaron Doliana (LING)
2/27   Patrick Plummer (Howard University)
3/5   Jo Shoemaker (CS) + Erika Exton (HESP)
3/12   Adam Fishbein (NACS)
3/26   Michelle Erskine (HESP)
4/2   Yu'an Yang (LING)
4/9   Zach Maher (NACS)
4/16   Zoe Ovans (NACS)
4/23   Adam Liter (LING)
4/30   Neha Joshi (ECE)
5/7   Phoebe Gaston (LING)
5/14   Allie Johnson (HESP) + Julianne Garbarino (HESP)














Fall 2019

Date   Speaker
9/5   Julie Sweetland (Frameworks Institute)
9/12   Morgan Sonderegger (McGill)
9/19   TBD
9/26   Jana Reifegerste (Georgetown)
10/3   Andrés Buxo-Lugo (PSYC)
10/10   Paulina Lyskawa (LING)
10/17   Christina Blomquist (HESP)
10/24   Hanna Muller (LING)
10/31   Tyler Knowlton (LING)
11/7   TBD
11/14   Kathleen Oppenheimer (HESP)
11/21   TBD
12/5   TBD
12/12   TBD


Spring 2019

Date   Speaker
2/7 Dawn Culpepper & KerryAnn O'Meara (CHSE)
2/14 Allie Johnson (HESP)
2/21 Julianne Garbarino (HESP)
2/28 Adam Fishbein (NACS)
3/7 Anouk Dieuleveut (LING)
3/14 Mina Hirzel (LING), Zach Maher (NACS)
3/28 Michelle Erskine (HESP), Yu’an Yang (LING)
4/4 Adam Liter (LING)
4/18 Annie Li (HDQM) & Neha Joshi (ECE)
4/25 Shenika Hankerson (TLPL)
5/2 Zoe Ovans (NACS)
5/16 Nur Karatas (SLA)