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Navigating the gray areas: a discussion of ethical dilemmas in language science

Theme 2: Prediction and Millisecond-scale Information Management


Join us for the third faculty lunch talk at Winter Storm 2016. Lunch will be provided by Basak Karatas.

Speaker: Philip Resnik

Title: It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It: Modeling Linguistic Framing in Politics and Mental Health

Theme 1: Language Poverty and Learner Differences


***Note that due to the likely Friday snow, Thursday 1/21 is now the LAST day of Winter Storm. Watch this page and email updates for tomorrow's schedule.***

**What's happening at Winter Storm today, 1/21**


Title: Incremental Learning of Filler-Gap Dependencies


Title: To Principle C or not to Principle C: Constraints on coreference at 24-months

This lecture, open to the entire University community, celebrates Jeff's recognition as a Distinguished Scholar Teacher.

Title: Are Children Human? - Evidence from Language Acquisition


Title: Performance and task effects in the acquisition of adjunct control


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