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Title: Learning in Typological Prediction: Grammatical Agent-Based Modeling

Joint work with Jennifer Culbertson, Coral Hughto and Robert Staubs

Join us as faculty members Vessela Valiavitcharska and Michael Israel discuss their recent books:

Title: "Who is she? Reference, depth of processing, and the N400" 

Title: What we know about syntactic processing in the brain

Title: Your ears deceive you: How categories (mis)shape perception, impede L2 learning, and what we can do about it

New research from Jeff Lidz (LING) and colleagues with Korean children shows that, even when children are fully immersed in a language, they acquire linguistic features that are missing from their environment.

Theme 4: Flexible Speech Recognition


Theme 3: Building Meanings in Computation and Cognition


Jeff Lidz (LING)
Alexander Williams (LING/PHIL)
Philip Resnik (LING/UMIACS)


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