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Photo gallery from the Winter Storm 2015 two-week language science workshop.

Photos from Language Science Day 2014

In our first two updates this semester we addressed steps we are taking to become a more inclusive and pandemic-proof community. In this third installment we want to update you on a major turning point that the Language Science Center faces. We are also requesting your involvement in a process that will determine our future as a community.

This statement was sent to language science community members in October 2020, based on discussions among members of the LSC Executive Committee. Although it was prompted by the anti-Black violence and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests in summer 2020, it focuses on diversity and inclusion issues affecting the language science community at UMD.

- Members of the LSC Executive Committee: Colin Phillips, Caitlin Eaves, Shevaun Lewis, Tess Wood, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Jan Edwards, Jeff Lidz, Rochelle Newman, Maria Polinsky

Published September 8, 2020

The world is changing, and we’re all trying to adapt to survive, even thrive, in the new normal. This is the first of three messages about how LSC aims to support a community that is pandemic-proof, anti-racist, and sustainable over the next 2 years or so. This one is about the pandemic.

Among the many UMD students graduating remotely this Spring, we congratulate several outstanding PULSAR students. Between them, they have completed a variety of majors, minors, research projects, outreach activities, and internships. And though we can't congratulate them in person, their presence has been felt and will be missed in PULSAR and in their many contributions to Language Science at UMD.

Last updated: 3/23/2020, 3pm

Given the latest guidelines from the university, the state of Maryland, and the CDC, it seems likely that we will be doing our language science from home for at least the next 2 months.

Last updated: 3/11/2020, 12pm

The LSC is following university and CDC guidelines to minimize the risk of COVID-19 to individuals and our broader community. This page has our most up to date guidelines and policies related to the use of LSC space, LSC-sponsored travel, and best practices for labs with human participants.


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