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Join us in congratulating our 2015 language science PhD graduates on their excellent job placements around the world.

All 8 students were involved in the NSF-IGERT program, which has trained 50 PhD students from 10 departments since 2008. Of the 39 who have graduated to date, all are now in careers in language science, except for one who is now adding an MD to his PhD.

We wish the graduates well in their future endeavors!

Winter has arrived, and close on its heels is the Winter Storm workshop!  Winter Storm is a free annual two-week intensive workshop for Language Scientists.

Does the way that you write your language affect how you speak it too? New research by Chuchu Li, Min Wang and Bill Idsardi suggests that it does.

Language Science Day

Visit our website to register for the 5th annual Language Science Day taking place Friday, September 19th, from 12 – 5pm, at the Stamp Student Union.

The Language Science Center has initiated a new interdisciplinary training program geared towards undergraduates called PULSAR.

The new PULSAR program seeks to spread the language science action by bringing together undergraduate students from diverse fields.

Tess Wood

Tess Wood has joined the Language Science Center as Assistant Director.  She will play a central role in all aspects of LSC’s activities, including research and grants development, establishing new programs, and external relations.

Language Science Outreach

LSC students and faculty have been busy spreading the word about language science to students of all ages. The outreach program started as a noble add-on to our day jobs, but it soon grew into a core part of our mission, as we learned that learning to communicate our science to diverse audiences also makes us better interdisciplinary scientists. Go figure.


A new program called GSIT has doubled the US capacity for training interpreters and translators in the Department of Communication.

Language Science Center Fellows Program

A Language Science Fellows program is being launched to provide PhD students with training in interdisciplinary research and leadership.


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