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Sarah Moss is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Michigan. She works in epistemology, language and ethics, on topics including the meaning of epistemic modals, and moral influences on epistemic standards.

Title and abstract TBA.


Rutgers Professor Michael Glanzberg joins us to present recent philosophical work on language and semantics. Title and abstract TBA.

Endless Possibilities: The Development of Possibility and Necessity in Cognition, Language, and Society
Invited speakers:


Meaning Through the Ages

Title: Event Semantics in Text Constructions, Vision, and Human-Robot Dialogue

Angela Xiaoxue He will present her dissertation defense on "Verb Learning Under Guidance: Syntax-to-Semantics Inferences."


Psycholinguistics Lab meeting. Fridays, 12:00 - 1:30. Linguistics Dept seminar room, 1108B Marie Mount Hall.

On October 10th we'll have a double-header featuring Kate Harrigan, discussing her work on how children learn and understand very-hard-to-observe words, such as "want", "think", and "hope". Then Ellen Lau will talk about some of her recent work on ERPs and predictive processes ("Events vs. Entities with ERPs").

All welcome.

Language Science Day 2014

LSD marked the 1-year anniversary of the Maryland Language Science Center, showcasing many ideas and initiatives launched over the past year.

Our weekly lunch talk series provides students and faculty with the opportunity to present their in-progress work to a supportive, interdisciplinary audience.


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