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Language Acquisition

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Spectral contrasts produced by children with cochlear implants: Investigating the impact of signal degradation on speech acquisition


How much rhythm in language is in short-time acoustics?


Dan Goodhue, Jeff Lidz, Yu’an Yang and Valentine Hacquard will present a project they have been developing on children's acquisition of clause types and speech acts, reporting some preliminary results of work they've done. Here's an overview of the topic.


Learning speech sounds through a video game: A reinforcement account

**Please note that the time differs from the regular meeting time**

How children are and aren’t like adults when it comes to interpreting pronouns: A developmental modeling investigation


Resolved: It is “alarming for both scientific and ethical reasons” to encourage talking with young children in non-Western societies.  Really??


Does Talking to Children Matter? A New Look at Past Work


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