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Fine-Grained Arabic Dialect Identification


Mental Health as an NLP Problem


Using Computational Linguistics to Investigate Multiword Expressions at the Brain Level

This is the second of two sessions in which each CLIP member will take three minutes to update us on one thing they have been or will be working on.



Xiaozhong Liu (School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering; Indiana University, Bloomington)

Natural Language Processing and Text Mining with User Behavior Data


B. Aditya Prakash (Computer Science, Virginia Tech)

Networks and Propagation for Fun, Profit and the Social Good

Cache Transition Systems for Semantic Parsing

Abstract: We describe a transition system that generalizes standard transition-based dependency parsing techniques to generate a graph rather than a tree.  Our system includes a cache with fixed size m, and we characterize the relationship between the parameter m and the class of graphs that can be produced through the graph-theoretic concept of tree decomposition.  We train a sequence-to-sequence neural model based on this system to parse text into Abstract Meaning Representation (AMR).

TitleA family of neural models for voice query understanding on an entertainment platform


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