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Title: Sentence Understanding with Neural Networks and Natural Language Inference


Title: Senses, paraphrases and substitutes: exploring boundaries in translation induced meaning representations

*****RESCHEDULED TO 3/29*****

Title: Planning and Learning with Abstract Markov Decision Processes


Title: Algorithmic Bias in Artificial Intelligence: The Seen and Unseen Factors Influencing Machine Perception of Images and Language


Title: Recognizing Stance and Influence from Public Comments in Regulatory Rule-making


CORRECTION: This talk will begin at 11am. 

Title: Big Data Analysis with Topic Models: Human Interaction and Social Science Applications


Machine Learning not Boolean Search: A Case Study in Public Health Informatics

resMBS: Information Extraction, Topic Modeling and Tensor Factors for Financial Contracts



Insights on learning representations with dictionary learning and autoencoders

Civiconomics: Urban Economy in the Era of Social Media and Shared Economy



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