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Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

Doug & Lynn Fuchs, PhDs

Is there a role for cognitive processes in interventions for at risk students with and without learning disabilities?

Doug & Lynn Fuchs, PhDs

Title: Bigger data about smaller people: Studying children's language learning at scale. 

Title: How mother, father, and caregiver language input predicts children’s concurrent and later development

Bio: Lynne Vernon-Feagans is the William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Early Childhood, Intervention and Literacy, and Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

Join us for the sixth faculty lunch talk at Winter Storm 2016. Lunch will be provided by Chris Heffner.

Speaker: Lucas Butler (HDQM)

Theme 1: Language Poverty and Learner Differences


***Note that due to the likely Friday snow, Thursday 1/21 is now the LAST day of Winter Storm. Watch this page and email updates for tomorrow's schedule.***

**What's happening at Winter Storm today, 1/21**

Winter Storm is the Language Science Center's free, two-week intensive annual workshop for language scientists, taking place this year January 12-23. This year's theme is How to be a MODEL language scientist. Since communication is a key element in making a community like ours a success, the aim for this year's Winter Storm is to advance not only the professional development of our individual community members, but also the development and growth of the Language Science community as a whole. 


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