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Language Science

Language is central to humans. Understanding how language works has essential applications to education and literacy, health in children and adults, global security, and the development of new technologies. 

Languages are incredibly complex in their structure and their use. That is why it is so hard to make really good language technologies. Yet an average 6-year old easily outperforms the best current language technologies. What is it about human brains, especially young human brains, that gives them this impressive ability? Our bet is that if we can answer this question, then we'll also be able to make better technologies and solve critical problems in education and health. But solving big challenges like this requires integration of many different types of expertise.     

Language Science is the name for a uniquely broad field that cuts across many different areas of study, integrating social and biological sciences with computer science and engineering, plus strong roots in humanities, education, and clinical fields. It also has a global reach. Connecting expertise, ideas and creativity from these diverse areas is a top priority and a key strength of the Maryland Language Science Center.


VIDEOUnderstanding How Language Works