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Language and Technology

Technological tools we use daily depend on a sophisticated understanding of speech and language - from automatic speech recognition systems (such as Apple’s SIRI), to Google search, to voice-activated GPS systems, to language translation software.

Faculty Profile: Philip Resnik (UMIACS, Linguistics)


Philip Resnik's research ranges from computational psycholinguistics to machine translation (including work with UMIACS colleagues Hal Daumé, Doug Oard and Jimmy Lin) to sentiment analysis and computational political science. He recently collaborated with political scientists as part of ReactLabs, developing a smart-phone app which collects and tracks audience reactions in real time during political debates and other live events. He is also interested in applications of computational linguistics to clinical psychology.

You can listen to Philip discussing sentiment analysis with other guests on a recent Kojo Nnamdi Show Tech Tuesday segment. 

Philip Resnik

Maryland language and computer scientists in the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, the iSchool, and the Departments of Linguistics, Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering are working to improve existing technologies, develop new computational tools, and use these systems to learn more about how the human brain works

Google's "Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking With Computers" video outlines some of the challenges of creating more sophisticated language technology: