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Graduate Opportunities

The University of Maryland offers a wide range of graduate degree programs in language science fields, as well as innovative interdisciplinary graduate training opportunities. The Language Science Center's Fellows program brings together a community of engaged graduate students who participate in a variety of training and professional development activities which integrate with their program of study in their home department.

The Language Science Fellows program (LSF) aims to:

  • Provide the environment and support to develop expert interdisciplinary language researchers,
  • Build the professional skills needed to be successful in the current employment market (academic, industry, government, etc.)
  • Train adaptable scientists who are prepared for lifelong creativity.

LSF offers venues and resources for interdisciplinary training and collaborative research to students and faculty alike.

We have strong ties to international partner organizations (U21/GRAIL) and other local institutions as well as to the Center for Advanced Study of Language and the National Foreign Language Center. This network of connections to researchers and facilities provides our students with additional research and training opportunities.