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Cognitive Neuroscience


Using Computational Linguistics to Investigate Multiword Expressions at the Brain Level


Arthur Wingfield (Psychology, Brandeis University)

Stability in the Face of Change: Cognitive supports and cognitive constraints in speech comprehension by older adults with age-related hearing loss

Title: Using fMRI to Quantify Increased Differentiation of Neural Representations Due to Learning

Title: Bridging NLP and brain science to improve natural language understanding

Abstract: Natural language processing systems have made impressive strides in producing useful task-oriented language tools - but even the most sophisticated NLP systems fall dramatically short of the human brain in robustness and nuance of language understanding. A particular area of need in NLP is that of sentence composition: the combinatory capacity that allows humans to generate and understand the meanings of infinite sentences based on their parts.

Title: A Comparative Biological Approach to Language Evolution: People are Animals Too

Title: The Perception of Probability

Fluid Semantics: Semantic knowledge is experience-based and dynamic

Eiling Yee (University of Connecticut)

Title: Adaptation to novel foreign-accented speech and retention of benefit following training: Influence of aging and hearing loss

Title: Language Phenotyping in Young Children with Concussion

Title: Hierarchical auditory neural processing underlying speech perception at the cocktail party


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