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Cognitive Neuroscience

Title: Using fMRI to Quantify Increased Differentiation of Neural Representations Due to Learning

Title: Bridging NLP and brain science to improve natural language understanding

Abstract: Natural language processing systems have made impressive strides in producing useful task-oriented language tools - but even the most sophisticated NLP systems fall dramatically short of the human brain in robustness and nuance of language understanding. A particular area of need in NLP is that of sentence composition: the combinatory capacity that allows humans to generate and understand the meanings of infinite sentences based on their parts.

Title: A Comparative Biological Approach to Language Evolution: People are Animals Too

Title: The Perception of Probability

Fluid Semantics: Semantic knowledge is experience-based and dynamic

Eiling Yee (University of Connecticut)

Title: Adaptation to novel foreign-accented speech and retention of benefit following training: Influence of aging and hearing loss

Title: Language Phenotyping in Young Children with Concussion

Title: Hierarchical auditory neural processing underlying speech perception at the cocktail party

Title: The effects of attention and visual input on noninvasive electrophysiological indices of natural speech processing at different hierarchical levels


Title: Brain and language: Understanding the neurological implications of proficiency

Join the SLA program in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures for a lecture by Dr. Edna Andrews. Dr. Andrews is Professor of Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology and the Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Professor of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at Duke University. Among her recent publications is "Neuroscience and Multilingualism", 2014, Cambridge University Press.


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