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Language Science Lunch Talks

Food and ideas bring people together. Our weekly lunch talk series provides students and faculty with the opportunity to present their in-progress work to a supportive, interdisciplinary audience.

Talks take place at the Language Science Center in 2130 H.J. Patterson. Lunch is served by 12:15, and the talk starts promptly at 12:30. 

We've put together some guidelines for students preparing talks. 


Spring 2020

Date    Speaker
2/6   Zara Harmon (LING/UMIACS)
2/20   Aaron Doliana (LING)
2/27   Patrick Plummer (Howard University)
3/5   Jo Shoemaker (CS) + Erika Exton (HESP)
3/12   Adam Fishbein (NACS)
3/26   Michelle Erskine (HESP)
4/2   Yu'an Yang (LING)
4/9   Zach Maher (NACS)
4/16   Zoe Ovans (NACS)
4/23   Adam Liter (LING)
4/30   Neha Joshi (ECE)
5/7   Phoebe Gaston (LING)
5/14   Allie Johnson (HESP) + Julianne Garbarino (HESP)














Fall 2019

Date   Speaker
9/5   Julie Sweetland (Frameworks Institute)
9/12   Morgan Sonderegger (McGill)
9/19   TBD
9/26   Jana Reifegerste (Georgetown)
10/3   Andrés Buxo-Lugo (PSYC)
10/10   Paulina Lyskawa (LING)
10/17   Christina Blomquist (HESP)
10/24   Hanna Muller (LING)
10/31   Tyler Knowlton (LING)
11/7   TBD
11/14   Kathleen Oppenheimer (HESP)
11/21   TBD
12/5   TBD
12/12   TBD


Spring 2019

Date   Speaker
2/7 Dawn Culpepper & KerryAnn O'Meara (CHSE)
2/14 Allie Johnson (HESP)
2/21 Julianne Garbarino (HESP)
2/28 Adam Fishbein (NACS)
3/7 Anouk Dieuleveut (LING)
3/14 Mina Hirzel (LING), Zach Maher (NACS)
3/28 Michelle Erskine (HESP), Yu’an Yang (LING)
4/4 Adam Liter (LING)
4/18 Annie Li (HDQM) & Neha Joshi (ECE)
4/25 Shenika Hankerson (TLPL)
5/2 Zoe Ovans (NACS)
5/16 Nur Karatas (SLA)