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Winter Storm 2018

Welcome to the 10th Annual Winter Storm!

Winter Storm is the UMD Language Science community’s yearly two-week series of seminars and workshops designed to foster research skills, stimulate new interdisciplinary research projects, and boost career growth and job readiness. These workshops are FREE and open to all language scientists, encompassing undergraduates, research assistants, grad students, postdocs, faculty members, and researchers at affiliated research institutes.

When: January 8-19 (except January 15, a federal holiday -- Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Where: Language Science Center (2130 H.J. Patterson)

Please register by December 22! 


Improving your statistical inferences:
Together we'll complete a Coursera course aimed at giving you the necessary tools to draw valid statistical inferences from your data and from the scientific literature.

Evidence-based teaching:
Develop a teaching philosophy that incorporates evidence-based teaching techniques, and put it into practice in a mini-lesson.

Developing demos: 
Develop a hands-on activity or demonstration to teach non-scientists of all ages about language science!

Language Advocacy and Policy Kick Off:
Join us for an engaging and interactive discussion about how to position science in a broader societal context. Hear from various experts on campus about the intersection between language science and bilingual education, dialect diversity, and healthcare and learn how we can use our expertise to address real-world problems in each of these areas. Together we will also dig deeper and discuss the importance of fostering close relationships with the community and learn how those relationships can lend themselves to successful science.

Blogging for language science: 
Discuss successful strategies for science blogs, brainstorm ideas, and start writing!

Mentoring and mentee-ing: 
Discuss and practice strategies for setting expectations and handling challenges in mentoring relationships, both as the mentor and the mentee.

Research spotlight lunches: 
Join us for lunch and exciting talks from faculty from around campus as they showcase their newest research developments. Check the calendar below to view the speaker lineup for 2018!

Community Social Activities: 
Let loose with fellow Language Scientists in an array of fun social activities.

Happy Hour: Friday, 12 January, from 5 pm onwards
Closing Reception: Friday, 19 January, at 3:30 pm

...and more! 


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