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Winter Storm Series and Highlights (Full Descriptions)


Evidence- based teaching:

Develop your teaching identity, teach more effectively, and set expectations for the classroom learning culture and student participation.

Session Leader: Marissa Stewart (Assistant Director for Graduate Programs from the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center) 


Improving your statistical inferences:

Session Leaders: Phoebe Gaston & Anton Malko (LING)

Sequence of Lessons:

Wednesday (Jan 10), 3:30 pm                 Session 1: Introduction & Frequentist Statistics
Friday (Jan 12), 10 am                             Session 2: Likelihoods & Bayesian Statistics
Tuesday (Jan 16), 3 pm                           Session 3: Multiple Comparisons, Statistical Power, & Pre-registration
Thursday (Jan 18), 9:30 am                    Session 4: Effect Sizes
Friday (Jan 19), 9 am                              Session 5: Confidence Intervals, Sample Size Justification, & P-curve Analysis

Get prepared for this workshop series through Coursera

If R and RStudio are not installed on your laptop already, please do the following before January 9th, 2018.

Follow the instructions to download and install R at https://cran.r-project.org

Follow the instructions to download and install RStudio at https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/#download

If you have any trouble, please come to the ‘Garage’ room from 9-9:30 am on January 9th. We’ll help you get set up and make sure you’re ready for the afternoon session.

No experience with R is necessary to participate or benefit from these sessions. We just want to make sure you have the necessary software on your computer. If you can’t bring a laptop or are bringing a tablet that can’t run R, please just let Phoebe know ahead of time (pgaston@umd.edu).


Outreach and Research Communication:

Developing Demos

Develop a demonstration that helps share language science research with the broader community. Learn to create a piece of your research that can be shared with lay members of the community.

Session Leaders: Tyler Knowlton & Mina Hirzel (LING)

Blogging for Language Science

Interested in learning to write effectively for general audiences? Identify and fix common problems with academic writing for general audiences. Interested in starting your own blog or creating a language science blog? Join us as we discuss the benefits and constraints of blogging as a medium for science expression.

Session I Leader: Sheena Faherty (Science Writer at the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health)


Language Science Policy Kick-Off: Engaging with communities to catalyze policy change

Bridge language science research with real-world applications! Find out ways you can begin to make a difference today! 

Moderator: Jan Edwards (HESP)

Invited Guest Speaker:

Ebony Terrell Shockley

(Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership)


Mentoring and Mentee-ing:

Join our panel discussions that focus on building strong mentor and mentee practices. 

Moderator: Tess Wood


(Jan Edwards, HESP; Ellen Lau, LING; Richard Prather, NACS; Nora Prior, NACS)



Structured Work Breaks:

Join a task force. Contribute to the language science blog. Develop an online presence. Fulfill your writing goals for the day. Use this time to collaborate and work with your peers on things that interest you!

Confirmed Meetups

  • Writing accountability group with Allie Johnson
  • Building your online presence with Nick Huang
  • Dealing with bias in linguistics with Bethany Dickerson & Adam Liter
  • Meetings with the LSC Policy Groups
    • Bilingual Education - Karen Feagin
    • Healthcare - Julianne Garbarino
    • Dialect Diversity - Zach Maher