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Winter Storm will kick off every morning with Communication Workshops. In this workshop, we will build up and hone communication skills that are critical for language scientists (and researchers in general).

Communication Morning Workshop

Monday 1/12 -- Introduction
Colin Phillips speaks about why communication is critical for researchers.

Tuesday 1/13 – Oral/manual communication, active session 1
Join us for an interactive session aimed at practicing and honing techniques of oral/manual (non-written) communication! Do you know how to get people excited about your research? Can you tailor your presentation style to different types of audiences? Can you control what audiences take away from your presentation? These are the types of skills we will focus on.

Wednesday 1/14 – Blogging discussion with Norbert Hornstein
Discussion with visiting presenter Norbert Hornstein about effective written communication in the blogging format. Good science blogs reach thousands of readers, quickly. LSC member blogs like this and this reach huge audiences. Join us for a discussion of how and why blogging is changing the face of scientific writing.

Thursday 1/15 -- Improv session 1
Join us for improvisational theater exercises, shown to enhance communication skills! Increasingly popular and reportedly very effective, improv for scientific communication is both fun and valuable. We follow in the footsteps of organizations like the Alan Alda Center, leveraging the inherent communicative nature of improv for an entertaining way to strengthen our communication muscles.

Friday 1/16 -- Written communication, active session 1
Another interactive session, this time aimed at practicing and honing techniques of written communication. In this day and age, written communication of one's research takes a host of different forms, from journal papers to tweets. We will discuss and exercise the skills underlying effective navigation of these different formats.

Monday 1/19 -- No sessions (MLK Day)

Tuesday 1/20 -- Oral/manual communication, active session 2
Continued activities developing oral/manual communication skills.

Wednesday 1/21 -- Written communication, active session 2
Continued activities developing written communication skills.

Thursday 1/22 -- Improv session 2
More improvisational theater exercises ... more flexing of communication muscles!

Friday 1/23 -- Presentations

Video-Making Workshop

There will be three afternoon Video-making Workshops. In these workshops, participants will use skills and information prioritized in the morning Communication Workshops to produce short Ted Talk-style videos about their work, intended to be accessible and engaging for a broad audience. See for yourself how your presentation style appears to others, and generate a finished product that can be used to broadcast your research to a public audience.

Guest presentations:

Tuesday 1/13 -- Introductory presentation by Adam Stone (Gallaudet University)

Thursday 1/15 -- Instructional presentation from film production professional Lia Kvatum