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Integrating numeracy and literacy: A family picture book intervention for building early numeracy skills

African American English in 2nd and 3rd Grade Writing: Implications for Teacher Reflection and Education

Taffeta Wood (speaker) & Dr. Brandy Gatlin-Nash, University of California, Irvine

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Meeting ID: 817 699 157

African American English and early literacy: A comparison of approaches to quantifying nonmainstream dialect use

Title: A Language-based Approach to Content Instruction (LACI): Scaffolding for literacy

Abstract: Scaffolding is a challenging task in elementary classrooms. Drawing on a research study, the presenter describes how a first grade teacher utilized a language-based approach to content instruction (LACI) to provide scaffolding to support emergent to advanced bilinguals’ literacy learning. LACI is a teacher education model developed over the past 12 years in elementary and secondary classrooms in the United States.

Title: Using fMRI to Quantify Increased Differentiation of Neural Representations Due to Learning

LLRC Speakers Meneses and Montenegro

Title: Language, Literacy, and Science Learning: Contributions from Chilean Research

12:20pm - lunch served
12:45pm - talk
1:30pm - Q&A

Title: Dialect Mismatch and Literacy Acquisition

Abstract: TBD 

12:20pm - lunch served
12:45pm - talk
1:30pm - Q&A

Title: Bilingual Children’s Language and Literacy Development: Home and Classroom Factors

Abstract: TBD

Title: Can we predict phonological awareness in children as young as 2 ½-years- old?

Abstract: Phonological awareness provides an important foundation for learning to read.


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