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Q&A with four alumni of the NACS and psychology programs:

The UMD Department of Psychology is hosting its 6th annual, FREE one day Spring Diversity Conference. The conference is organized by the Graduate Student Diversity Training Committee (UMDdiversitycommittee@gmail.com) in partnership with the Psychology department. 

Title: Precursors of logical reasoning in preverbal infants

How do hot and cool executive skills contribute to the development of reading comprehension in skilled and less skilled comprehenders across the lifespan?

Doug & Lynn Fuchs, PhDs

Is there a role for cognitive processes in interventions for at risk students with and without learning disabilities?

Doug & Lynn Fuchs, PhDs

Title: Life at the edge of the lexicon: Productive knowledge and direct experience in language processing and acquisition.

Title: Bigger data about smaller people: Studying children's language learning at scale. 

Title: Mapping the neural correlates of reading with representational similarity analysis

Join us for the fourth faculty lunch talk at Winter Storm 2016. Lunch will be provided by Lara Ehrenhofer.

Speaker: Bob Slevc

Title: Production and parsing of "real life" (errorful & implausible) syntax

Theme 2: Prediction and Millisecond-scale Information Management



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