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1st Presentation, Andrea Azem: Dysphagia Treatment and the Culturally Competent Clinician

Abstract: Although the development and use of cultural competence has received increasingly greater emphasis in the field of speech pathology, this concept is often discussed in ways that do not apply to clinical practice for dysphagia. This presentation aims to explore how culture can impact elements during the assessment and treatment of dysphagia as well as to provide information and resources for clinicians.

Come join cochlear-implant researchers from the greater D.C. and Mid-Atlantic regions! 

Title: Three studies on listening in noise: The role of attention, the impact of autism, and humans vs. canines


Title: Optimizing programming in cochlear implant listeners: electrode position, channel interaction and speech perception



Understanding the relationships between language proficiency and spoken fluency

Title: Can we predict phonological awareness in children as young as 2 ½-years- old?

Abstract: Phonological awareness provides an important foundation for learning to read.

Communication in Concussion

Title: Consonant and vowel processing over development in the French-learning infant

Title: Computer-assistance techniques for cochlear implant interventions

Title: Adaptation to novel foreign-accented speech and retention of benefit following training: Influence of aging and hearing loss


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