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Title and Abstract: TBA

Bio: Natalie Cabrera is an associate professor of Human Development at the University of Maryland, College Park. 


Title: Phonological and lexical processing in first language and multilingual acquisition

Abstract: TBA 


Title: Computer-assistance techniques for cochlear implant interventions

Title: Adaptation to novel foreign-accented speech and retention of benefit following training: Influence of aging and hearing loss

Title: Language Phenotyping in Young Children with Concussion

Title: The cognitive comprehender: Mechanisms of language processing under conditions of uncertainty

Understanding the Relationships Between Language Proficiency and Spoken Fluency

Title: The Inclusion of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Mainstream Education: Classroom Participation and its Relationship to Communication, Academic, and Social Performance

Title: Exploring the Relationship Between Sound Localization and Spatial Release from Masking

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