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Please join the Language and Literacy Research Center for a presentation led by Professor Nan Bernstein Ratner from University of Maryland's Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. 

Title: The Inclusion of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Mainstream Education: Classroom Participation and its Relationship to Communication, Academic, and Social Performance

Title: Exploring the Relationship Between Sound Localization and Spatial Release from Masking

Come hear about what MA students in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) have been working on!

Title: Aging and the perception of Spanish-accented English

Title: Auditory perceptual learning in adults with and without age-related hearing loss


Title: Hidden Hearing Loss and Assessment of Functional-Hearing Deficits in Active-Duty Service Members


Title: "Understanding speech perception difficulties in complex listening environments: Individual contributions of age and hearing loss"

Learn about the current research of HESP PhD students.


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