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Zoom: https://umd.zoom.us/j/98806584197?pwd=SXBWOHE1cU9adFFKUmN2UVlwUEJXdz09

Eleftheria Briakou on Tracking progress in Style Transfer: From Human to Automatic Evaluation


How AI-Driven Augmented Intelligence Transforms Cognitive, Nuclear and Climate Security

Zoom: https://umd.zoom.us/j/98806584197?pwd=SXBWOHE1cU9adFFKUmN2UVlwUEJXdz09

Temporal effects on NLP models

I will briefly introduce my work at Adobe Research, then talk about recent work with my student Oshin Agarwal.


Trustworthy Information Retrieval

Abstract: Access to reliable information is essential. How do we ensure that the technology that we use to connect people to information is itself trustworthy? In the talk I decompose this question intrinsic aspects, having to do with transparency of information retrieval methods, and extrinsic aspects, having to do with robustness of information retrieval methods. The talk will be example-based in an attempt to make two key dimensions (transparency and robustness) as tangible as possible.


(Note that the time differs from regular colloquium time)

Towards Explainable Retrieval Models for Professional Search Tasks


"Think before you speak": Language Generation with Planning

**Please note that the time differs from the regular meeting time**

How children are and aren’t like adults when it comes to interpreting pronouns: A developmental modeling investigation


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