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Q&A with four alumni of the NACS and psychology programs:


Principles and Mechanisms of Mutual Understanding

Bilingualism is the norm, not the exception: How using two or more languages shapes the mind and the brain and reflects society itself


Seeing smells: Olfaction in domestic dog cognition research

Known and unknown in infants' language learning: a story of perception, categorization, and inference

All are cordially invited to a reception for Janet Werker at the Language Science Center. (Her talk is at 10:15am in 1103 Bioscience Research Building.) 


Arthur Wingfield (Psychology, Brandeis University)

Stability in the Face of Change: Cognitive supports and cognitive constraints in speech comprehension by older adults with age-related hearing loss

Title: Listening with an aging brain

Title: Using fMRI to Quantify Increased Differentiation of Neural Representations Due to Learning


Title: Inhibition of Medial Olivocochlear Neurons


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