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Capturing and explaining individual differences in language processing: Triumphs and Challenges


Lauren Salig (NACS, Language Science Fellow) will be defending her MS thesis remotely.

Title: The Role of Cognitive Control in Bilingual Code-switch Comprehension


Resolved: It is “alarming for both scientific and ethical reasons” to encourage talking with young children in non-Western societies.  Really??


Auditory Processing of Sequences and Song Syllables in Vocal Learning Birds


Cortical Neuroplasticity and Re-organization in Hearing Loss: Effects of Treatment with Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids


I can hear what you see

Q&A with four alumni of the NACS and psychology programs:


Principles and Mechanisms of Mutual Understanding

Bilingualism is the norm, not the exception: How using two or more languages shapes the mind and the brain and reflects society itself


Seeing smells: Olfaction in domestic dog cognition research


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