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Computational Linguistics


Examining Racially Biased Language within a Large Corpus American Football Commentary


Help! Need Advice on Discourse Comprehension


Talk and discussion will last one hour. At 3:30 we will have a brief Q&A with Ewan about his career path since completing his PhD at UMD.

Modelling early language acquisition from raw speech data

Nataliya Stepanova, Language Science Day 2019

Nataliya Stepanova -- a Math and CS double degree student and Linguistics minor, and an alum of LSC’s PULSAR undergraduate research program -- has become the University’s sixth (ever) recipient of a Marshall Scholarship. Pandemic permitting, she will be heading to Scotland in the Fall to earn a Master’s in Speech and Language Processing at the University of Edinburgh.


User Stance Detection on Twitter

Understanding and Generating Human Language


Meta-Learning for Few-Shot NMT Adaptation

Fine-Grained Arabic Dialect Identification


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