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Honors thesis presentation:
Number attraction in pronoun production



User Stance Detection on Twitter


The roots of gender gap in academia and beyond


Commonsense Intelligence: Cracking the Longstanding Challenge in AI


A recording of this LSLT is now available here.


What Translanguaging Can Tell Us About Bilingual Language Control: Evidence from Spontaneous Codeswitching

Join us for a quick social break! We particularly encourage those who are new to UMD to come meet language scientists from different departments. This week we'll have two (optional) special interest rooms: SECOND LANGUAGE LEARNING AND TEACHING, and MEANING IN CONTEXT.


How to be a clever contextualist


Degreefulness is the result of functional inventory, not a parameter

(joint work with Margit Bowler, Emily Hanink and Andrew Koontz-Garboden, University of Manchester)


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