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Dr. Dina Lipkind (Department of Biology, City University of New York, York College)

The challenges of learning complex behavioral sequences – lessons from songbirds


Corticostriatal computations in learning and decision making

Known and unknown in infants' language learning: a story of perception, categorization, and inference


Amanda Stent (NLP Architect, Bloomberg)

Subtle Indicators of Decision Making in Finance-Relevant Text


Hal Daume (Computer Science & Language Science, University of Maryland)

The fate of NLP


Rada Mihalcea (Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan)

From Words To People And Back Again


Using Computational Linguistics to Investigate Multiword Expressions at the Brain Level

Find out what HESP faculty are working on.


Roumyana Pancheva (Professor of Linguistics and Slavic Languages and Literatures, USC Dornsife)

Numerals and Number Features

Hannah Sande (Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown)

Cophonologies by Phase: Phases as the domain of phonological evaluation


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