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Identifying a code-switch: exploring methods for studying the use of prosodic and phonetic cues


Bilingual Code-switching: Exploring Variation in Comprehension Costs

Abstract: Bilinguals experience costs during comprehension when there is a switch between languages—taking longer to process a “code-switch” than single-language input. However, the magnitude of these comprehension costs varies. In this talk, I present data from a study that attempts to explain variation in code-switch comprehension costs.


Lauren Salig (NACS, Language Science Fellow) will be defending her MS thesis remotely.

Title: The Role of Cognitive Control in Bilingual Code-switch Comprehension


What Translanguaging Can Tell Us About Bilingual Language Control: Evidence from Spontaneous Codeswitching

African American English in 2nd and 3rd Grade Writing: Implications for Teacher Reflection and Education

Taffeta Wood (speaker) & Dr. Brandy Gatlin-Nash, University of California, Irvine

1st Presentation, Andrea Azem: Dysphagia Treatment and the Culturally Competent Clinician

Abstract: Although the development and use of cultural competence has received increasingly greater emphasis in the field of speech pathology, this concept is often discussed in ways that do not apply to clinical practice for dysphagia. This presentation aims to explore how culture can impact elements during the assessment and treatment of dysphagia as well as to provide information and resources for clinicians.

12:20pm - lunch served
12:45pm - talk
1:30pm - Q&A

Title: Dialect Mismatch and Literacy Acquisition

Abstract: TBD 

Dialect mismatch and its implications for academic achievement

University of Maryland Photo

Language science is by nature multidisciplinary and our programs support students in actively crossing departmental and university boundaries. The language science initiative provides students with the flexibility to create individualized programs of study involving combinations of faculty mentors. The list of programs and specializations below is just a starting point, and our current students and faculty mentors are happy to answer questions about the programs and about particular areas of interest. 

Language Science Day 2014

LSD marked the 1-year anniversary of the Maryland Language Science Center, showcasing many ideas and initiatives launched over the past year.


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