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Research Skills Sessions

Savvy data analysis techniques will help you cut to the heart of what that wad of exciting new data is telling you, and help you manage your projects better. Plus, learn about making good decisions in data collection analysis through our Ethics Panel.


Data Analysis in R

Whether you’re a seasoned statistician hoping to learn some new plotting tricks, or a complete novice looking to dip a toe into the still, deep waters of R, we have a session (or five) for you!

Bare Bones Basics of R (instructor: Anton Malko, LING)

Start here if you’re completely new to R and programming! We’ll introduce you to the basics of coding, beginning with installing the program and working your way up to writing basic functions. Before the first session, please install R on your computer, using the instructions available here.

  • Seeking mentoRs! If you’re a more experienced R user, please consider signing up as a mentoR to help us make beginners’ first taste of R a success! Email Anton Malko at amalko@umd.edu. You’ll help attendees troubleshoot installation, coding, and generally help them get to grips with the brave new world of code.

First Steps in Data Analysis (instructor: Jared Linck, CASL)

So you’ve got your data -- now what? Get started in data transformation and some basic analysis in this session.

Taking the Mystery out of Mixed Effects Models (instructor: Jared Linck, CASL)

Sometimes, a t-test just won’t hack it. Start exploring the ins and outs of sophisticated statistical analysis.

Pretty Plots in R (instructor: Jared Linck, CASL)

Great data visualization makes the difference between a result that’s easy to grasp at a glance, and one that’s just mystifying. N00bs and pros alike will pick up some plotting tricks to make their data shine.

Advanced Issues (instructor: Jared Linck, CASL)

The content of this final session will be determined by participants’ input from previous sessions. Stay tuned!


How to Use Git (instructor: Ahmed Elgohary, CS)

Developing scripts means writing and debugging, debugging, debugging. That’s a pain when you’re dealing with multiple versions of the same script. Learn to use Git to help with version control and save you future programming headaches.


Ethics Panel: Is good research really "good"?

Scientists in pursuit of the truth sometimes hit some surprisingly knotty ethical questions. Our experienced panelists discuss their own research ethics, and respond to any deep, dark doubts you may have about research practices.


  • Ellen Lau (LING)
  • Mike Dougherty (PSYC)
  • Andrea Dragan (IRB spokesperson)
  • Bill Idsardi (LING)
  • Bob Slevc (PSYC)


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