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Outreach and Research Communication

This four-session workshop series provides an in-depth look at communicating your research in a variety of formats. You’ll get the most out of attending all four sessions, but you’re also welcome to cherry-pick the sessions that you’re most interested in.

Distilling Your Research

Start crafting your message by identifying the core of your research, and what makes it special and exciting. Sample some hands-on language science demos that the Outreach Committee has developed, and discuss what makes science communication and outreach successful.

From Kids to Congress: Engaging Diverse Audiences

What aspect of your research will capture a kid’s imagination? What will light up a lawmaker’s eyes? Learn to successfully pitch your message to very different audiences. Begin brainstorming a message to engage a specific audience, individually or in small groups, and get feedback from community members who are experts in engaging with these audiences.

Building a Research Narrative: Elevator Pitches and More (with guest speaker Nan Ratner, HESP)

Enrapture your audience with a skillfully composed one-minute elevator pitch. Learn how to explain highly technical material lucidly to non-specialists.

Diamonds to Demos: Selling Your Research

Put everything you've learned in the past sessions to the test! Finish crafting your hands-on outreach demo (or start, if you're just joining us!), and present it to the rest of the group for feedback.



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