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LSC review 2021

The LSC completed a self study in 2019 to evaluate progress since the center's founding in 2013. In spring 2021 we continued that process by launching five committees of faculty and students to determine the next best steps, to ensure that the LSC's priorities and activities are aligned with the broader language science community.

  • Graduate education
  • Undergraduate education
  • Research
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership and shared ownership

Thank you to all our committee members!

Peggy Antonisse (Linguistics)
Tonia Bleam (Linguistics)
Jordan Boyd-Graber (iSchool/UMIACS/LSC)
Madison Buntrock (HESP)
Marine Carpuat (CS/UMIACS)
Meg Cychosz (HESP)
Stuti Deshpande (Linguistics major)
Elizabeth Driver (English)
Jan Edwards (HESP)
Erika Exton (HESP)
Marisa Fried (Linguistics/PULSAR graduate)
Emily Gong (CS, PULSAR graduate)
Yi Ting Huang (HESP)
Bill Idsardi (Linguistics)
Michael Israel (English)
Ellen Lau (Linguistics)
Annie Yixun Li (HDQM)
Jeff Lidz (Linguistics)
Paulina Lyskawa (Linguistics PhD graduate)
Zach Maher (NACS)
David Martinez (ARLIS)
Sarah Marvi (PULSAR)
Michelle Morrison (ARLIS/LSC)
Rochelle Newman (HESP)
Jared Novick (HESP)
Nick Pandža (SLA/ARLIS)
Masha Polinsky (Linguistics)
Nan Ratner (HESP)
Rachel Rudinger (CS/UMIACS)
Lauren Salig (NACS)
Bob Slevc (PSYC)
Craig Thorburn (Linguistics)
Mireia Toda Cosi (SLA)
Min Wang (HDQM)
Alexander Williams (Linguistics)
Colleen Worthington (HESP)
Nan Zhang (HDQM)