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Proposal and Documents

Document Depository of the IGERT Program

This page contains reports, progress reviews and assessments of the IGERT Program.
The IGERT program full proposal and reviews

What have we learned?

5-year summary (2008-2013), highlights, and recommendations for the future

The Advisory Board [bios]

Susan Gass (Disting. Univ Professor at Michigan State, Second Lang. Acquisition)
Alec Marantz (Professor at NYU, Linguistics, Psychology)
Mitch Marcus (Professor at UPenn, Computer Science)
Paul Smolensky (Professor at Johns Hopkins, Cognitive Science)
Mabel Rice (Disting. Univ Professor at Kansas, Hearing & Speech Sciences)

The Executive Committee

Colin Phillips, LING
Rochelle Newman, HESP
Bill Idsardi, LING
Min Wang, EDHD
Robert DeKeyser, SLA
Hal Daume III, CS
Jeff Lidz, LING

Annual Reports to NSF

2009 2010 2011
2012 2013 2014
Final Report




Guidelines to Applicants

2013 IGERT Application Guidelines
2012 Guidelines for IGERT Applicants
Guidelines for IGERT Apprentices

Program Assessement Reports

2013 Student 'Next Steps' Survey
2013 Faculty Focus Group Report
2012 Best Teaching Practices Report
2011 Focus Group Report: Lab Rotations
2011 Graduating Student Focus Group Report
2010 New Student Focus Group Report
2010 Faculty Focus Group Report
2010 Student Focus Group Report

Activity Reports

2013 Winter Storm Language Analysis Workshop Report
2013 Winter Storm Recommendations Based on the Winter Storm Survey and Leaders Discussion
2012 Language Science Day Report
2012 Winter Storm Report
2011 Language Science Day Report
2010 Winter Storm Survey Report
2010 Winter Storm Review
2009 Winter Storm Assessment

Other Progress Reports

Student Progress in Interdisciplinary Research
2012-2013 Participation
2011-2012 Participation
The 200+ Language Scientists at the U of Maryland
PDF Version of Student Progress Report Template
2011 Highlights
2011 Program Participation and Activities
2011 The 200 Language Scientists in the UMD Community
2010 Highlights
2010 Program Participation and Activities

Advisory Board Meeting Schedules and Recommendations

2013 Meeting Schedule
2012 Advisory Board Meeting Recommendations
2012 Meeting Schedule
2011 Advisory Board Meeting Recommendations
2011 Meeting Schedule
2010 Advisory Board Meeting Recommendations

Documents for the public:

Language Science Brochure (for public)
UMD Research Division Language Brochure
Campus Research Initiative Instructions


Language Science Wiki
Language Science Day, 2010
Winter Wiki and Northwood High School Outreach Wiki
April '10 Newsletter
January '10 Newsletter