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Career Development

Things you can do to get on the path to success during your PhD and beyond!

Choosing Your Career Path

Deciding what exactly to do with your PhD can be daunting, whether you’re planning to stay in academia or not. In this session, you’ll learn to identify your priorities, strengths and weaknesses, and learn about some tools for finding a career to fit your needs and desires.

Career Roadmap

(Tandem session with Choosing Your Career Path!) Learn how to set goals for yourself in planning your career development using the free, online tool myIDP.

Career Paths Panel: Frameworks for Professional Success

Our diverse group of panelists let you in on the secrets of how they they used skills they gained during their PhD to get to where they are now, what unexpected twists their paths took -- and advice they wish they’d heard when they were at your career stage.


  • Mark Arnold, Office of Faculty Affairs
  • Claudia Brugman, CASL
  • Stefanie Kuchinsky, CASL/MNC
  • Philip Resnik, LING/UMIACS
  • Tess Wood, LSC (moderator)

Building Your Online Presence (2 sessions)

In this two-workshop series, you’ll learn how to leverage your online presence to build a professional network, which can expand the reach of your research and open up new career opportunities.

  • Session 1: In a panel discussion, faculty members explain the role their online presence has taken in their professional life, and provide insights as to how you can grow yours effectively.
  • Session 2: Start designing an impactful online presence that aligns with your career goals.


Writing for General Audiences (instructor: Linda Macri, Director of UMD Graduate Writing Center)

“Statistically significant”? “Deep structure”? “Dysphagia”? Academic writing can be pretty dense. In this session, you’ll learn to write clear, engaging, non-technical prose that explains your research to a general audience.




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