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Language Science Lunch Talks


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How a dialect-shifting curriculum shapes K-1 teachers’ attitudes toward language variation: A mixed-methods study


Identifying a code-switch: exploring methods for studying the use of prosodic and phonetic cues


Island effects and their absence with multiple questions in Bulgarian

Abstract: Grammars exhibit island effects. That is to say, the linguistic knowledge a speaker has prevents them from forming questions in certain environments. For example, the string "Who did you meet the professor that taught?" cannot be used to ask who is the person such that you met the professor who taught that person. In this talk, I report experimental evidence concerning the possible obviation of island effects in Bulgarian with multiple questions.


Bilingual Code-switching: Exploring Variation in Comprehension Costs

Abstract: Bilinguals experience costs during comprehension when there is a switch between languages—taking longer to process a “code-switch” than single-language input. However, the magnitude of these comprehension costs varies. In this talk, I present data from a study that attempts to explain variation in code-switch comprehension costs.

Charlotte will be presenting remotely, but we will have an in-person audience at the Language Science Center in addition to Zoom.


Listener knowledge about sociolinguistic variation


Modeling children's acquisition of speech acts and clause types

This project investigates how children come to associate clause types with their canonical function, and in particular, interrogatives to questions. We examined speech acts and clause types in speech to children. I will first report some of the results from our corpus study, and then discuss our plans to model the learning process computationally, and how we are going to use Robustly-optimized BERT approach (RoBERTa) to assist the annotation process.


Coarticulation, compensation, and language change


Dialect Differences and their Impact on Spoken Language Comprehension


Learning speech sounds through a video game: A reinforcement account


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