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Lab Meeting

African American English in 2nd and 3rd Grade Writing: Implications for Teacher Reflection and Education

Taffeta Wood (speaker) & Dr. Brandy Gatlin-Nash, University of California, Irvine


In this week's meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language (CNL) Lab, Hanna Muller (LING) will be leading a discussion on what is meant by "shallow processing".

If you'd like to join this discussion and/or the CNL Lab email list, contact Colin Phillips (colin@umd.edu).

This is the second of two sessions in which each CLIP member will take three minutes to update us on one thing they have been or will be working on.


CLIP lab members get 5 minutes each to talk about their summer research. All are welcome to attend.


Title: Information Abolition

Title: A Framework to Model Human Behavior at LargeScale during Natural Disasters

Title: From Linguistic Signal to Mental State: Computational Models of Framing


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