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COLING Workshop

All Together Now? Computational Modeling of Polysynthetic Languages
Workshop for the COLING 2018 Conference
August 25, 2018        Santa Fe, New Mexico

Polysynthetic languages are complex; one word in these languages can represent an entire sentence.  Thus, they offer computational analytical challenges along with theoretical mysteries, all of which offer insights into gaining an understanding of human cognition and language capabilities.  The goal of this workshop is to build on the long history of research on polysynthesis combined with the more current computational interest in processing morphologically complex languages. We explore practical applications (such as machine translation and automatic speech recognition) of recent developments in linguistics and computational linguistics along with topics including preservation and revitalization of North American Indigenous languages. As such the program committee consists of theoretical linguists, computational linguists, anthropological linguists and experts in language revitalization.  We welcome research papers and practicum case studies.

Organizing Committee

Chair:  Judith L. Klavans (ARL)


  • US – Army Research Laboratory: Steve LaRocca, Clare Voss, Jeffrey Micher
  • Canada – National Research Council of Canada: Anna Kazantseva, Roland Kuhn
  • US – University of Maryland, College Park: Omer Preminger, Maria Polinsky

Workshop Proceedings: https://aclanthology.info/events/ws-2018#W18-48