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Language Science Day of Action

For research to have an impact, it must have reach.

If you're concerned about evidence-based policy and the societal valuing of science, and think it's important to prioritize issues of language in a diverse society, roll up your sleeves at our Language Science Day of Action on January 20 (Inauguration Day).

Please let us know you're coming by registering through the main Winter Storm registration form.

Opening Discussion: Beyond the Bubble

Academics are often accused of living in a bubble. Why reach out, why now, and what can we hope to achieve? Bagels and coffee provided from 9 am!

Informal Science Writing

Write to entertain as well as educate! In this workshop, you'll produce a short, social-media-worthy piece showcasing cool facts about language science, for a general audience. Learn what makes content "shareable," and apply this knowledge to your own writing.

Lunch Panel: Linguistic Diversity in Education

University of Maryland researchers discuss key issues surrounding linguistic diversity in education. Panelists:

Talking to Decision-makers

Develop talking points to convince decision-makers (e.g. members of Congress, city councils, and school boards) of the relevance of language science to social, education and health policy.

Winter Storm Party

Round off two weeks' worth of workshops with this opportunity to chat with fellow Language Scientists over food and beverages in the beautiful new Language Science Center space.