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You’ll find it all at the University of Maryland’s one-day open house featuring family-friendly and interactive events. Come explore our world of Fearless Ideas and see all that we do to the best for our community, the state and the world.

Maryland Day is packed with exciting events and exhibits in six “learning neighborhoods” spread across campus. The Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Language Science communities will be hosting several exhibits.

Join us for the second faculty lunch talk at Winter Storm 2016. Lunch will be provided by Nick Huang.

Speaker: Thomas Conners & Claudia Brugman

Title: Comparative study of register specific properties of Indonesian SMS and Twitter: implications for NLP

Photos from the Neuro, Cognitive, and Language Science tent at Maryland Day, April 25, 2015.

Join us for The University of Maryland's 17th annual Maryland Day! UMD's campus-wide celebration of innovation, creativity and
academic excellence will offer more than 400 free events and exhibits that teach and inspire future innovators. 

The Cognitive, Neuroscience, and Language Science tent will be in Tawes Plaza, which is located between the Benjamin, Tawes, and Art-Sociology buildings. Unless otherwise noted, the below activities will be at Tawes Plaza. We will feature the following activities: 

A “translation memory system” stores and remembers words, pulling from a bank that grows with each translated item.


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