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Language Science Fellows

Photos from Language Science Day 2014

An informal gathering for current and future Language Science Fellows to catch up and talk about research and training opportunities available in the language science community. 

Are you interested in applying to the Language Science Fellows (LSF) program? Join us at the LSC for a brief overview of the program and information about the application process. Shevaun Lewis (coordinator of the LSF program and the NRT grant) and Colin Phillips (LSC Director and PI of the NRT grant) will be present to answer any questions. 

Title: Your ears deceive you: How categories (mis)shape perception, impede L2 learning, and what we can do about it

Photos from Paint Branch High School visit to campus, Spring 2015.

Winter has arrived, and close on its heels is the Winter Storm workshop!  Winter Storm is a free annual two-week intensive workshop for Language Scientists.

UMD Student Outreach at Dulles Town Center

Hands-on demos and symposia at national conferences promote broad engagement in language science outreach.

The Orientation for the 2014 cohort of Language Science Fellows is taking place at the Maryland Language Science Center.

Food and ideas bring people together.  Our weekly lunch talk series provides students and faculty with the opportunity to present their in-progress work to a supportive, interdisciplinary audience.


The time-course of grammatical role assignment in complex sentences

Language Science Day 2014

LSD marked the 1-year anniversary of the Maryland Language Science Center, showcasing many ideas and initiatives launched over the past year.


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