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Winter has arrived, and close on its heels is the Winter Storm workshop!  Winter Storm is a free annual two-week intensive workshop for Language Scientists.

Nan Ratner at ASHA

Nan Bernstein Ratner was recently recognized for her outstanding contributions to the field with awards from both ASHA and AAAS.

UMD Student Outreach at Dulles Town Center

Hands-on demos and symposia at national conferences promote broad engagement in language science outreach.

Bob Slevc's research centers on language production, language and music, second language acquisition, and aphasia.

Student rotations lead to new collaborations, research results and publications.

The Department of Hearing & Speech Sciences creates a freely-available, standardized and economical infant testing system.

Maryland hosted 80 students of linguistics, philosophy, and computer science from all parts of the world at the 6th NASSLLI.

Join us in congratulating our language science graduate students on their excellent job placements worldwide.

Nautilus HI-LAB

The powerful tool called Hi-LAB is a test that could tell you how good you can ultimately get in any foreign language before learning it.

Research thumbnail

The opening of the Maryland Language Science Center is showcased as the central story of the Research @ Maryland newsletter.


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