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Phoebe Gaston & Hanna Muller (LING)

Replicability, effect sizes, & power


Kara Hawthorne (Assistant Professor at Gallaudet)

Prosody in Speech, Language, and Speech-Language Pathology


Speech as a behavioral signal for mental and cognitive health: Some obersvations and results


Shannon Spaulding (Department of Philosophy, Okhlahoma State)

Title and abstract TBA


Lynne Tirrel (Department of Philosophy, University of Connecticut) 

Title and abstract TBA


Fabrizio Cariani (Department of Philosophy, Northwestern)


Karen Lewis (Department of Philosophy, Columbia University)

Descriptions, pronouns, and uniqueness

Abstract: Both definite descriptions and pronouns are often anaphoric; that is, part of their interpretation in context depends on prior linguistic material in the discourse. For example:

(1) A student walked in. The student sat down.
(2) A student walked in. She sat down.


Paolo Santorio (Department of Philosophy, University of California - San Diego)

Counterfactuals and possibilities

Note location change!

Dilip Ninan (Department of Philosophy, Tufts University)

Assertion, evidence, and the future


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