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Title: Policy and Regulatory Semantics for Compliance Assistance

1st Presentation, Andrea Azem: Dysphagia Treatment and the Culturally Competent Clinician

Abstract: Although the development and use of cultural competence has received increasingly greater emphasis in the field of speech pathology, this concept is often discussed in ways that do not apply to clinical practice for dysphagia. This presentation aims to explore how culture can impact elements during the assessment and treatment of dysphagia as well as to provide information and resources for clinicians.


Prompting Rural Students' Use of Prior Knowledge and Experience

to Support Comprehension of Unfamiliar Content


Educational Psychology Colloquium

Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

Courtney Hattan 


The Computational Archaeology of Fictional Space

Title: Eggs to Chickens, Soybeans to Tofu: Turning Your LSC Blog Ideas into Savory Stories

The Professional Development Committee is hosting a workshop on blogging! We are going to work together to generate content--specifically for the new LSC blog--and transform ideas into clicks! Lunch will be served.

Title: Bridging NLP and brain science to improve natural language understanding

Abstract: Natural language processing systems have made impressive strides in producing useful task-oriented language tools - but even the most sophisticated NLP systems fall dramatically short of the human brain in robustness and nuance of language understanding. A particular area of need in NLP is that of sentence composition: the combinatory capacity that allows humans to generate and understand the meanings of infinite sentences based on their parts.

Two taskforces from the Language Science Policy committee present project ideas to address inequalities by connecting research and policy.

Bias in Linguistics: Gender Representation in Academia
Bethany Dickerson & Adam Liter (LING)
Bias in Linguistics Website

Dialect Diversity in Higher Education
Zach Maher (NACS)


TitleBirdsong from a bird's eye and a human's eye view


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